Model of Rural Farming Resilience

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Jose Armando Munguia

General Manager

Jose Armando is committed to Regenerative Agriculture practices and creating accessible food systems for rural communities left behind by conventional markets. He is dedicated to bringing forward TAC Teaching and Innovation Farm Lab as an economic and community development enterprise, with a principal focus of building a diverse, secure, and sovereign system that favors small to medium rural systems.

Jose Armando believes the future of farming includes people of color and women, working with Moth- er Nature. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in Government from Eastern Washington University, where he led university community movements to expand civil rights and diversity representation in leadership.

Additionally, Jose Armando is a graduate of Seattle University's Institute of Public Service with a Mas- ter of Public Administration, where he focused his research on improving the welfare of working fami- lies. Professionally, Jose Armando has led agriculture marketing efforts in Latin America establishing markets and expanding existing business with efficiencies and new product. His success is based on empathetic and non- violent communication, creating spaces for trust, curiosity, delight and creativity.
This commitment to Servant Leadership has allowed him to raise millions of dollars supporting low- income families, students and single parents.

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