Model of Rural Farming Resilience

  • SE Corner Ave 32 and Young Rd. Allensworth, CA
  • 1-833-771-5100

TAC Teaching & Innovation Farm
Allensworth, CA.

In collaboration with the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA), TAC Farm is proud to offer The Lab @ TAC Farm - a 7-month intensive training program with lecture style classroom learning and field work where students will learn:

  • To enhance technical skills and valuable practical experience to enter an agricultural enterprise
  • Experience crop management through a full crop cycle
  • Gain business skills necessary to develop a small farm operation,
  • Provide farm workers with skills needed to advance their careers in the regenerative agricultural workforce.
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What we do

The Lab @ TAC Farm Programs

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Know Our Past, Grow Our Future

Inspire, Inform and Invite

TAC Farm Mission Statement

TAC Farm is devoted to rabbit production, cultivation of organic produce, organic manure production, and the production of earthworms. Through these ventures, TAC Farm seeks to stimulate the economy of an economically depressed region while educating local residents and visitors about sustainable agriculture and the historical significance of Allensworth, CA.

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The Lab @ TAC Farm